FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions-

Here I will try and answer those commonly asked questions....If there is something that is not covered here, please feel free to message me via the Contact page, but please be aware I am limiting my online time and it may take several months for me to get back to you at this time.

Q) When are you restocking your website?

A) I randomly restock my website through out the year. My next website restock will be January 6 

Q) Are your pieces sealed?

A) Yes. They have been sealed with a varnish several times throughout their creation. The final coating is a UV-resistant sealer. That being said, they are still far more fragile then most other artwork. It is not recommended to hang in a humid environment, in direct sun or anywhere where they may be directly rubbed inadvertently or splashed in anyway. Always handle the paintings during transport and hanging etc. by the sides or back only and never touch the front as invisible oils in your skin can affect the painting. My paintings are not easily repairable but are created to last forever if handled and hung correctly :) 

Q) Do you take commissions or do custom work?

A) No- at this time I am not taking any commissions or doing any kind of custom work or requests. I like to not plan my paintings. I ended up running an almost two year commission waitlist for a while and the pressure of it took a toll on my artistic process, so I had to make this business and sanity decision. If there is a general series piece that you are specifically looking for though, check out my galleries or put your name on one of their waitlists and they can help you out or let you know if they get anything that your are interested in.

Q) Do you do prints?

A) Once in a blue moon I do a limited edition run of prints and if/when I do they will be listed for sale on the shop page :) 

Q) How do I frame the limited edition prints?

I highly recommend working with a professional framer to make the most of your print- UV and Glare preventative glass are recommended to protect the print over the years. I highly recommend and have worked with Michelle who owns and runs Studio on the Marsh in Harvey, New Brunswick- (she does all the Ducks Unlimited print framing) contant info here:
If you want to frame them yourself, I have designed the size of them to fit in “over the counter” store bought standard frame size-11 x 14 frame with matte opening of at least 8.5” x 11” if you want to display the writing under the image.
Please note, matting in the frame is highly recommended because actual outer dimensions of the paper size of the prints may vary from print to print.

Q) Do you ship internationally?

A) Sorry, no. I do not ship internationally at this time. Most of my galleries do though- please visit my galleries page to see which ones :) I am currently only shipping to the USA for purchases of 1500$ and over.

Q) Can people visit your studio if they are on Deer Island?

Sorry, as much as I would love to meet and interact with people interested in my artwork, I do not have a public/open studio at this time. We are very private people and my painting process involves getting fully immersed in my work daily and I don't even stop to eat most days! Island shop Maritime Texture usually has a few pieces of mine in stock when they are open. Please visit my Galleries page to see which galleries carry my work in the maritimes....

Q) Are the paintings signed and dated?

Yes. I sign both the front and back of my paintings. The title and year are also on the back. 

Q) How do you recommend hanging them?

Each of my paintings is ready to be hung. I use a saw-toothed self levelling bar on the back for hanging for most pieces, wire for the heavier ones.  The best part of this type of hanging style, is you can essentially hold the painting up to the wall where you want to hang it, gently rub the back of the painting where the levelling bar is on the wall and it leaves a mark (be sure to handle the painting by the sides only and do not rub the canvas face your palms!! And watch rubbing the corners or sides of the painting as they will mark up your wall- magic eraser will usually remove the marks though)  then use a screw to install (you will need a drywall anchor if on drywall). For larger pieces, be sure to get into a stud with the screw. The same steps can be used for the wired back paintings. Please use caution when installing and make sure that the painting is firmly on the hanger by looking up underneath or for the side before letting it go- sometimes it can feel like it is and is not! 
Another option would be to check around for someone who offers professional art handling and hanging services- you may want to go this route for the larger format paintings to be safe. You can look online or ask at your local framers or gallery for recommendations. 

Q) How can I clean/dust the paintings?

This nice thing about the matte charcoal/soot/ash portion of the paintings is it wont collect dust. The shiny acrylic portions of it will though. To dust, please use a soft, clean and dry microfibre cloth and gently wipe the sides, top and painted portions on painting. you may need to use a q-tip for the smaller sections if it really needs it (but that would take years I think to build up that much) Please contact me if you would like guidance with the cleaning process as my paintings are very fragile and can mark up easily. They are also not very repairable so  cleaning and handling them improperly can do permanent damage. The key is to never touch/rub the charcoal areas....if dust or debris collect on the charcoal and white areas, please use an electric liquid free air duster (like for keyboards) and hold well away from the painting.

Q) How can I ship/store your artwork

Due to the fragile nature of my paintings, they do require special handling/packaging. They should always be wrapped in plain, clean, kraft paper (acid free paper for longer term storage, glassine recommended for this). Then bubble wrap with bubbles facing out (not rubbing on the painting) and then placed in a minimum of 200lb test boxes. I always wrap them in a clear, unscented plastic bag to protect them as well, but they should not be stored long term in plastic. The main thing is to make sure nothing is rubbing on the painting surface (even tape or paper seams etc.) please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this. Here are some pictures as well....